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Effects of psychedelic mushroom on beginners and advanced user

The strength of the psychedelic mushroom kit can vary from person to person. But your mood and the environment play a special role. Therefore, choose a calm environment, especially if you are not very experienced. For example, go to a park or a forest or in a place where you will not be disturbed. For the first time, eat mushrooms with someone who already has experience. Do not do this with people who do not support it. Once they feel bad, they will turn your journey into a negative experience. Use mushrooms when you are in a good mood. Magic mushrooms will improve your mood. If you are not comfortable with yourself, the mushrooms will intensify this bad feeling.

It’s recommended not eating mushrooms with alcohol or other drugs. The use of magic mushrooms causes a psychedelic effect. This effect is slightly similar to the effect of LSD, but it is much softer, more natural, cleaner and less dangerous.
Duration of trips
The journey lasts from three to six hours when it gets disappeared completely. After the effects of travel will pass, you will not have almost a hangover. After traveling it is quite possible that you can still feel somewhat unfocused and sluggish.
Characteristics of a journey caused by magical mushrooms
It gives intensive perception of color, space, sounds and feelings. Space, time, emotions and perception are experienced in different ways. Music is perceived more intensively. You can feel a blissful feeling of euphoria. Also you can experience a lot of laughter and giggles. At very high doses: you can smell the color, see the sound and try the image.
Tips for Beginners
Use magic mushrooms only when you are in a good mood. Mushrooms improve your mood. The use of mushrooms during a negative mood will enhance this negative mood. Choose a relaxed atmosphere, but not during a pop concert or a place with a lot of people. For the first time, eat mushrooms with someone who already has experience.

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